About us

About Us

Why Youxtouch Finance?

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With financial strength and credibility

Exempt from handling fee and referral fee, repay whenever you want

Easy apply and fast approval

Lower interest rate and flexible repayment period


About Us


Youxtouch Finance Limited ("Youxtouch") is a wholly owned financial brand and a member of Youxtouch Holdings Group Limited. Established as a licensed money lender in Hong Kong, Youxtouch is reputable for its financial credibility. With its financial strength, Youxtouch is committed to developing property loans, trade financing and personal loans, and diversifying property mortgage services, including First Mortgage, Second Mortgage, Property Refinance, etc.


Being a diversified and dynamic financial institution, Youxtouch is dedicated to providing professional and flexible property loan services to cater different customer needs, without limitation on property types and Property's age. By offering you extra liquidity on your assets, you can now relieve your cash flow needs anytime and anywhere, allowing you to enjoy maximization of financial flexibility and opportunities.



With effect from 1 December 2016, a licensed money lender should not grant a loan to an intending borrower if the loan involves an appointed third party whose particulars have not yet appeared on the Register kept by the Registrar of Money Lenders.


If an intending borrower wishes to apply for a loan from licensed money lenders through any third party, the intending borrower should, before entering into any agreement with that third party, first check the list below to ascertain if that third party is appointed by the licensed money lenders in relation to the granting of loans.


Warning: You have to repay your loans. Don't pay any intermediaries.




Do you have the following troubles?  There's Youxtouch.



Insufficient cash flow?

Prepare for emergency costs?

Embark on higher education?

Clear credit card bills?

Restructure troublesome debt?

Secure your dream home?