Why take out a loan?

There are many possible reasons to take out a loan, from covering unexpected short-term expenses to spreading the cost of a large purchase over time. For example, you could use a loan for:


Preparing for emergency costs

Embarking on higher education

Clearing credit card bills

Restructuring troublesome debt

Securing your dream home

How should I choose a lender?

The APR should not be your only consideration when choosing a lender for your loan. Other things to consider include:

  • the reputation of the lender
  • convenience
What is a monthly flat rate?

A monthly flat rate is one of the methods used to calculate the monthly repayment amount for a loan. Most banks and financial institutions adopt this method to provide a fixed monthly repayment.

What is an annualized percentage rate (APR)?

The annualized percentage rate is an index of borrowing cost and is calculated on the basis of 365 days or 366 days a year. APR is used as a way for customers to compare interest rates

Why do different loans have different interest rates?

The main reason is that different loans carry different amounts of risk for the lender. For example, a loan granted without any security carries a higher risk of the lender losing its money if you are unable to meet the repayments and so will usually carry a higher rate of interest than a secured loan.


Another factor is the amount you borrow. A lender's administrative costs are lower for a single large loan than for several small loans to different borrowers, so a large loan may have a lower interest rate than a small one.

What kinds of properties does Youxtouch accept for applying Property Loan?

Youxtouch accepts properties of residential, industrial and commercial office, shop, parking space, village house, etc., without limitation on the age of property.

If I have a Title Deed, could it be used for cash out?

Yes, you can apply the Mortgage Loan with a Title Deed, with no limitation on the age of property. With the quick and convenient application procedure, you can enjoy easy cash out with Youxtouch.

Can I apply Property Loan if I own a property by Deed of Gift?

Youxtouch accepts loan application after five years from the transfer of ownership by Deed of Gift, under normal circumstance.

Can I apply Youxtouch's Property Loan if I am not a Hong Kong Identity Card holder?

People of any nationality can apply Youxtouch's Property Loan as long as one is a property owner in Hong Kong.

Can I apply Youxtouch's Property Loan if I am retired or at age 60 or above?

All property owners who are retired or aged 60 or above can apply Property Loan at Youxtouch.

What is the requirement of applying Property Loan?

All applicants must be aged 18 or above, including property owner or borrower.

What kinds of documents are required for Property Loan application?

Proof of identity

Income proof

Employment proof

The latest Rates and/or Government Rent Demand Note

Provisional Agreement for Sales and Purchase (applicable for First Mortgage Loan on new property purchased only)

The latest mortgage repayment schedule (if any)

How many types of joint ownership of property are there?

There are two types of joint ownership, "Joint Tenancy" and "Tenancy in Common".

Is there any difference between "Joint Tenancy" and "Tenancy in Common" when applying Property Loan?

No matter which tenancy is, all of the property owners must consent to the Property Loan applied by signing relevant documents including mortgage deed and loan agreement.

Where can I get initial Property Valuation for reference?

You may also contact our Customer Service Hotline at 2603 1881 for enquiries.

Can I sell out the property during the repayment period?

Yes. Please notify Youxtouch the date of completion as soon as possible. The cut-off date of the loan will be arranged as the same closing date.

Will there be any penalty imposed if early settlement is made?

Youxtouch will not charge any penalty for early settlement.

Can I apply early partial payment?

Early partial payment can be applied but you have to fulfill the minimum payment requirement.

Can I discharge the record from The Land Registry after I settled the Property Loan?

Youxtouch will notify you on the arrangement of the Discharge of Mortgage within two weeks after full settlement.

How much should I borrow?

There are two main things to consider: how much you need to borrow, and how much you can afford to repay. It is best to borrow only what you actually need and to resist the temptation to add extra borrowing. Remember that your loan does not have to be for a round figure, so you can usually borrow exactly the amount of any large purchase. Make sure that you can afford the extra cost of loan repayments without leaving you unable to meet other financial commitments.

How long should I borrow for?

A good general rule is not to borrow for longer than the life of the thing you are paying for. With careful budgeting, you can balance the amount you borrow with the period of the loan and the amount you can afford to repay each month.

What if I can't keep up the repayments?

If you find you are unable to keep up the repayments on your loan - for example, if you lose your job or have unexpected new financial commitments - the first step should always be to talk to us. There may be a way to make your monthly repayments more manageable, for example, by extending the term of your loan.